Forest Land Management has been my teacher, advisor, and onsite property manager since I, as a novice, took over management of our family tree farm.  They have helped with planting, maintenance, and sale of timber using sustainable forestry principles  and wise cost/benefit considerations, as well as wildlife management and identifications of other sources of income.  They have assisted in negotiating contracts with the USDA, bringing valuable knowledge and experience to the process.  In recent years, they have also helped with long range forestry management planning for major expenses and distribution of income from the farm.  The added bonus is they are just great guys to work with.

K.King - Atlanta Georgia

Forest Land Management has helped our family establish timber tracts which are income producing and ecologically sound. They respond to inquiries promptly and provide valuable advice.

B Weston, N Weston, R. Weston

Columbia, SC \ Augusta Georgia